Today we are digging into the stretching and profound heart lessons in pain and marriage. 

Now, this month may be for the Moms, but today’s episode with Jessie DiVola is for the Wives. Come sit with us for this vulnerable and deep heart-to-heart.

There isn’t a relationship that shows you yourself and refines you quite like marriage does.

What happens when you and your spouse are unequally yoked?

What happens when you are facing the worst and have nothing left to give or hope for?

How can God take each little broken piece and not only make them whole but renew your heart and mind toward your Husband?

Jessie DiVola shares how the profound heart lessons in pain and marriage happened for her.


Also in this Episode:

– Trusting the Lord in the seasons of change and stillness

– Changing pace from being a working mom to a stay-at-home mom

– The 30-Day Prayer Challenge that changed her marriage

– God’s mighty hand of deliverance in saving her husband from an addiction and their marriage

– Loving your husbands where they are and letting Jesus be seen through you

– Why we fear surrendering our spouses to God

– The overlooked mission field right in your home

– Overcoming the mother wound with understanding

– How pain stretches us toward maturity


And so much more


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