Joining me today to talk about marinating in the wait is Karen Mejeur. In this episode:

I am thrilled to, for the first time in “She’s Marked Podcast” history, host guest interviews. You’re in for a wellspring of wisdom as 3 of our featured “For the Moms” women are joining me here on the podcast. These talks aren’t simply limited to motherhood. We touch on marriage, forgiveness, singleness, surrender, and SO much more.

In this episode:

– Waiting on the Lord for His perfect timing

– The willingness to put off our desires for God’s best

– Healed moms birth healed homes

– Life as an “old” mom

– Victoriously healing from the pain of your past

Karen Mejeur from Cape Cod has been married for 17 years and has 2 boys, 15 and 14. 

God has poured so much into her through the years that she believes now is her time to be able to give back by pouring into others. Moms pour out all they are and all they have for their children, and they need someone to come alongside them to refresh, encourage, and build them up.

Karen feels that the Lord has called her to be a mom to moms (#themomsmom).

If she can help moms be emotionally healthy and strong, then she will be impacting their homes, their children, and their husbands. She believes healthy moms raise healthy children. Karen’s Coaching Program, “A 90 Day Guide on How to bring Transformation to your Family and Revitalize your Life”, empowers overwhelmed Moms who deal with constant demands to prioritize themselves so they can be the superwoman their family expects them to be. She helps them learn to maintain peace in the midst of chaos and stress, better manage their time, and find purpose in the mundane.

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