Are you a Millennial woman who is looking to be bolder in your faith?
Do you feel like you’re sinking in disappointment and emotional pain?
Are you struggling to mend from the pain of your past?
Do you want to understand the deeper meaning to the storms in your life and the attacks against you?
Do you long for growth and a richer walk with the Lord?
Do you want to better understand spiritual warfare and the power of prayer?
Are you looking for connectedness with other women who have overcome what you are going through?
Could you benefit from learning practical tools for better communication in your relationships and overcoming negative emotions?
Do you want God’s peace even in the midst of storms?
Are you ready to live a life that reflects authentic holiness?
Do you need help in understanding your identity in Christ and building courage to walk in that identity?
Do you long to be a woman who walks in obedience and lives a life that is set apart?

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