We reach the climax of our week today with the final episode of the 5 in 5:

Seeking first the kingdom of God. 

Seeking first the Kingdom of God is this: rightly prioritizing, longing for, and desiring oneness with the kingdom of God and coming into agreement with His standard of righteousness.

It is to seek after these things so much so, that you become them.

It is being chiefly concerned with seeking His mind, His will, His way.

What is one way that we can do this?

By elevating His purposes above our own. Our earthly pursuits should not overshadow our highest purpose of seeking first the kingdom of God.

When we seek God’s kingdom and righteousness in sincerity and truth, we can rest knowing that we will be graciously rewarded by God as He in turn provides for our natural and basic needs.


Acts 4:12

1 Kings 3:1-14

Matthew 6:33

John 3:16

In this episode:

– A word of caution about becoming passive about the things of God or time spent in the Word.

– What “having a heart after God’s own heart” looks like.

– King Solomon’s example of seeking first the kingdom of God and all things being graciously added to him by God as a result.

It’s a Wrap!

Well, we did it again!

I hope you found great value in the 5 in 5 this year.

Continue to feast on what the Lord is saying. May your mind be sober, your heart soft, and your feet planted as you seek first the kingdom of God this year.

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