Through the Turbulence: Prayers from the Diary of a Broken Heart

Great read!! The author was raw, real, and took the reader on an emotional journey to self-love and triumph!! With God, all things are possible. The author highlights this sentiment as she opens up about her challenges and victories! Get this book now!! You will NOT be disappointed! Stay bless and beautiful!


Though it’s an eBook, it really is more of a raw honest prayer diary.

I never drafted these prayers with the intent to publish them – some of them were far too personal and written in such depths of pain. It was truly my heart’s cry.

After a dramatic deliverance at the end of 2018, my life began turning around completely. I was previously saved, however, the Lord was setting me free from mounds and mounds of subtle deception, depression, anger, hopelessness, religion, and a lot of other unrighteous and oppressive mindsets, heart-sets, and practices.

These prayers were written prior to that deliverance, and over the course of a few years. In the summer of 2019, as I was going through some documents, I came across those prayers.

I was overtaken with the heaviness and desperation that laced the pages. I barely recognized the writing and it seemed like I almost didn’t recognize that woman.

The “in the moment” real prayers shared in this journey depict a life being shed of former ways and thought patterns, all while facing the temptation to give up and give in. Every prayer was written in the exact moment I was fighting to survive turbulence in order to elevate toward God.

The real-life reflection of our journey toward salvation is at times unpretty. There is suffering, disappointments and strain as we press toward the hope that is awaiting us. In “Through the Turbulence” we take a seat on that bumpy flight through the loneliest valley’s of my waning faith in God, and my relentless fight to find Him and hold on to Him.

This book will help women to see that God is involved in every part of her highs and lows. Even though she can’t see it, He craftily uses the turbulence in her life to strengthen, teach, and transform her.

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