I am Hannah, and I am passionate about gaining a deeper understanding of God through Christ, discovering (and aiding others in discovering) divine purpose, and cultivating emotional healing and deliverance. I am compelled to host “She’s Marked” not only to encourage others through my journey, but to create a rich a platform for daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives to be totally freed from the emotional wounds and strongholds that bind us. During the past few years, I realized the extent of my own emotional wounds and my inability in my own strength to effectively release those emotions. With a degree in Psychology and pending certificates in Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (at the time), I couldn’t help but notice that my increasing knowledge in human behavior and thinking, along with added resources and tools, did very little overall to provide the deep and longstanding freedom that I needed from overwhelm, despair, depression, anger, and other types of emotional anguish/oppression. As sisters, let’s join hands together in this journey toward our true identity in Christ, and the authority given to us through Him. It’s time to overcome!