At first it felt like the right thing to do, but as challenges start popping up left and right, you no longer feel so sure.
Maybe you thought you could “handle it”, but lately you’re feeling so defeated.
You’ve been disciplining yourself to give it to God and trust Him, but when you’re feeling discouraged, some days you find yourself still picking it up and doing things your way – only to realize that your way isn’t error proof.
Discouragement can quickly partner with anxiety, and together they can birth an overwhelming urge to act now. Do something to ease the discomfort. Together they can falsely convince you that there is no hope, and no time, so you’d better move now.
Not so.
This leads to half-baked decision making, careless words, and even dangerous methods of self-soothing.
Listen in on today’s episode as we talk about practical steps you can take to help you:
– Practice resisting the pressure to act quickly when you’re feeling discouraged. 
– Walk by faith in the throes of your circumstance
– Shift your sight from the crash to the cross
Feelings may not totally go away – and some days they may spike – but it doesn’t stay at the same intensity forever.”
The best thing to do when you feel tempted to act during moments of discouragement, is to do nothing.”
“Practice resisting the pressure to act quickly when you’re feeling discouraged. Resist the lie that you must act NOW in order to be okay.”
Remember – You desire His perspective. Not yours.”
Can you resolve being still in this present difficulty, shifting your eyes from the crash and onto the cross?”
James 1:19
Psalm 46:10
Romans 8:28
Hebrews 11:1,6
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