Let’s celebrate the start of season 3!

The biggest question to ponder in episode 018 is, “Whose voice are you listening to?”

Avenues for advice and direction are within reach for most of us in 2022; social media, self-help books; master classes; therapy; friends and family. The list is endless. But, whose voice are you listening to?

Sister, it’s time to step into the Lord’s classroom and be taught by Him. 

We also dig into the 4 reasons why we’re in the Lord’s classroom, but we’re still not learning. They are:

  1. Lack of trust
  2. Underdeveloped or erroneous viewpoint of God
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Lack of time in class


In this episode:

  • The 2 things we are promised to have when we are taught by the Lord, and several other blessings that flow when He is Guide
  • A recap of the “Laying Foundations” Series and its necessity in preceding our emotional deliverance
  • The practice and wisdom in seeking God’s face and direction for the circumstances we face.


Quotes to Remember:

“Trust Him that, even if this thing does crash and burn, He is carrying you through. Trust Him and abide.”

“When we are taught by the Lord, our prosperity and peace are great, and we are not left wanting.”

“We are in His classroom, but we’re still not learning.”

“Whose wisdom are you relying on?”



John 10:5

Isaiah 54:13

Psalm 23:1

John 8:28

Psalm 119:102

Isaiah 28:26

Psalm 27:14

I peter 5:8


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