Is your faith based on what you can see?

Would you still have faith if God never answered your prayers?

How many times have you been in a situation that flooded your emotional and mental bank with all the feels? In an instant (or a slow fill) you were overcome and maybe you took the wheel of your life and made some decisions as a result of those feels.

Feelings, while they may be real, are not to be trusted. Why? Feelings change and feelings don’t tell the entire story. Remember, Feelings are not king. God is raising up His daughters to be women of true grit and character. Women who don’t tread according to the demands of their feelings, but instead, in obedience due to His word, and His promise.

Today, I share some of the hardships my family is currently walking through, the impact and reach of grief, and oh yes – feelings.

In this episode:

– Why the Believer should aim for a faith-motivated life rather than a feelings motivated life.

– Identifying when our feelings are tempting us to go “dark”

– Exactly why we can trust God’s promises when our world is upside down

– Emerging as a pillar of faith during life’s trials

– What to do if you are feeling overcome, swayed, or heavily influenced by your feelings

– The benefit and reward of standing in faith and obedience even when you won’t see the promise

– How faith is a vital component to spiritual maturity

– The dangers of being feelings-motivated

And so much more!

Quotes to Remember:

“The Lord calls us to live a faith-motivated life, not a feeling-motivated life.”

“Feelings don’t tell the entire story.”

“You can’t trust yourself because you always only know in part.”

“God is going to take what you cannot see to create something that you can see.”

“What if God is calling you to suffer? What if He is calling you to be the pivotal caveat in someone else’s life?”

What if your situation may never improve? Will you still serve? Will you still follow? Will you still love?

Scripture References:

Jeremiah 17:9

Hebrews 11

Romans 10:17

James 1:22-25

John 3:36

Romans 8:28-29

Romans 8:14-18

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