We kick off the new year with a relaxed episode 012. Nothing structured or specific, just Hannah sharing her current happenings and what she’s got in the queue including the launch of The MRKD Store and becoming a certified Biblical Counselor. 


Hannah also talks about her process for getting clear about her path and how God’s “Yes” isn’t the same as God’s “Go”. This is an important concept to grasp when trying to understand just how and when God is leading us to move on the assignments He has given to us.


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In this Episode:


  • Getting clear on Divine Assignments and God’s direction; God’s “Yes” isn’t the same as God’s “Go”
  • Hannah’s Happenings and Roles
  • How listeners can partner with Hannah for services related to: Voice Talent, Music, and Speaking
  • The pending launch of The MRKD Store (For the Godly Woman, her Home, and Her Littles)
  • Biblical Counseling and the sufficiency of the Word of God to address life’s issues
  • Zooming in on values to help in understanding what your main path is




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