We cap off with the final podcast recording of 2021.
Today in episode 011 – The Knocking at the Door – Hannah takes listeners on a deep look within as we check our mindsets and heart-sets in preparation for 2022.
We reflect on many Believers’ struggle with the issue of compromise; a struggle that can rob us of holiness and can lead us to continuous people-pleasing and fear of man. Hannah shares of her own recent battle with compromise in a relationship, and how she had to choose to shut the door with love in order to guard her heart from the enemy’s compounding lies.
In this episode:
  • Identifying areas and relationships in our lives that tempt or cause us to compromise, including identifying people who are peace makers, peace fakers, and peace breakers.
  • Making the choice to shut the door with love and what that actually means.
  • Understanding and responding to the most important knocking at the door as revealed in Revelation 3.
  • Maturing in our spiritual walk for this new year and evaluating our hearts position according to Jesus’ message to the churches in Revelation 3.
  • The urgency in picking up the assignments that God has for us in 2022.
  • Answering the call to salvation.
Reflective Questions:
  • In what ways am I compromising?
  • What am I choosing to overlook and why?
  • Is this relationship or connection bringing me further to God or further away?
  • If I am stuck in a trend of pleasing people, what is driving this need? Fear? Acceptance? Approval? Companionship? Relevance?
  • “The Lord wants us to grow. He wants us to go from spiritual milk to spiritual food.”
  • “Ask, ‘What are those things that are causing me to compromise? What are those things that are knocking at the door of my heart?’”
  • “At times, we do have to ‘lock the door’, in order to maintain a standard of holiness and righteousness. Those are the two things that the enemy tries to steal from us – holiness and righteousness – so he will tempt us to compromise.”
  • “Without that ‘love’ piece, our hearts and our minds become a breeding ground for seeds of resentment, anger and pride, and bitterness and pain; I have lived that.”
Scripture References:
Proverbs 29:25
Galatians 1:10
Isaiah 2:22
John 7:24
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