Be prepared to get a little uncomfortable.


There is a time for everything. Today, gentle reminders and encouragement give way to an introspective and sharp message that stirs both Hannah and her listeners to reflect on the genuine posture of their hearts toward the things of God.


This strong word and reflection touches on truly caring about the kingdom, the dangers of manufactured purpose, repentance, faulty self-helplessness, and the haughtiness we are all so guilty of.


Hannah boldly challenges us to deeply ponder our motives and to think about how our claims of faith line up with our willingness to even be interrupted by God. This message certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. You won’t want to miss it.


In this Episode:
  • Agonizing Prayer
  • Are you willing to be interrupted by God?
  • The heart of passion, power, and caring as reflected in the life of Elijah the Prophet
  • How our ignorance leads to unrest
  • How our tendency to lead and direct can attempt to usurp God’s plan in our lives
  • Exposing the notion that we are helpless and incapable of living a righteous life
  • How to turn from the things that are separating you from God and holy living
  • The dead end in purpose-chasing
  • Whose “Well done” are you working for?
Scripture References:
2 Chronicles 7:14
John 5:8
Matthew 5:45
Luke 9:59-60
James 4:3


Resources Mentioned:


“You can’t have agonizing prayer if you don’t care.”
“We don’t care about the things of God. We are constantly trying to make the things of God make sense in our minds. We want it to fit into our constructs.”
“Sometimes the message of the sin nature is preached in such a manner that would have you feel totally helpless, ‘You know what, I gotta wait for God to change me, so I’m going to keep on going on in my sin.’”
“Repentance isn’t just confessing and acknowledging your error, your sin, [or] your iniquity. It’s hating it enough to disengage from it.”
“God has given you the ability to get up and walk.”
“God uses simple, ordinary people who are willing to be interrupted.”
“Do you really want the will of the Father, if that ‘will looks nothing like what you had envisioned for your life? If that ‘will’ gets you zero claps? If that ‘will’ gets you cancel culture?”


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