In the fourth and last installment of the ‘Laying Foundations’ series, host Hannah explores the need to understand our fight and who it’s against. In our spiritual journey towards becoming free, it is essential in recognizing that identifying where the fight comes from and who it’s against will liberate us from the fears and temptations that can harm us and instead, will empower us to become closer to God. In this episode, Hannah speaks on the importance of the struggle beyond what we can see, why it is beyond flesh and blood, and why ignorance, complacency, and indifference can make us victims to excessive burnout and unnecessary battles. Growing in your faith is also about standing up for righteousness.

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The Laying Foundations Series is a 4-part series and contains the essential things everyone should know in our journey toward freedom. These parts include understanding who we are, understanding who God is, understanding who Satan is, and understanding our fight and who it is against, which will be tackled today.

The Four Foundational Pieces


Understanding these four fundamental parts will influence the course of our faith journey. However, this is not the peak of our journey or redemption because there is always more to learn. There will be a lot of information exposed. Our wisdom and understanding are a mere fraction of God’s complete knowledge and intelligence. Without application, knowledge is just knowledge.


We spend most of our lives being angry at other people: their actions, circumstances, patterns, outcomes, and encounters. According to the Bible, we should focus on the unseen things since the visible things are transient, whereas the unseen things are eternal. As Christians, this is where we should focus our attention.

Scripture References


Today’s episode’s scripture references come from Ephesians 6:1 and Peter 5:8. Ephesians 6 begins by teaching us who we are fighting against and how we are fighting principalities, power, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places—not other humans.

Christians’ Casual Attitudes


Some examples of casual attitudes in our faith and why it’s the greatest WRONG you do to yourself


Reference from Dr. Charles Stanley’s book, Confronting Casual Christianity

1 Peter 5:8


We are not to be ignorant of Satan’s vices as he wanders about like a lion, looking for the next victim. It’s Satan’s job to bring us out of God’s will.


You won’t fight unless you know who your opponent is or where they are coming from. It’s like stepping into a boxing ring without any knowledge of who you’re fighting against.

Who God has Purposed Us to Be


We are image-bearers and co-heirs with Christ. We are sons and daughters, the righteousness of Christ, and more than conquerors.


Some mountains that cause you to doubt God and withdraw from God are self-pity, regret, rage, depression, anxiety, offense, loneliness, rejection, fear, and guilt. These are the things that pressure you the most.

Example: A Tooth Cavity


When the root of the tooth is infected, there is no reversing a cavity. The life of a tooth is the root, and once it’s infiltrated, you will feel pain. You can brush your teeth all you want and take Ibuprofen. There is nothing that you can do about what is happening behind the scenes. And that is how we fight with human beings. You are only touching the surface, and you won’t go below the surface to deal with the roots if you continue to focus only on the surface.


Go into actual battle, which is prayer, intercession, and the Word of God because it is a reminder not to attack the human being, but the root.


You begin to see how the enemy works through unaware people when you start becoming more discerning.


“Knowledge is just the beginning, you can have a ton of knowledge and not apply anything.”

“The wisdom and the knowledge that we are blessed enough to have is only a fraction of the total knowledge and wisdom of God.”  

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