Welcome back! It’s been a year since my last episode. Today, I talk about the reason why I took a break from podcasting and all that I’ve been up to during this time. I also talk about my new stirring new eBook, Through the Turbulence: Prayers from the Diary of a Broken Heart – available now on Amazon.

In this episode:

-Why I haven’t recorded for an entire year.
-My pregnancy journey and a 10-pound surprise!
-Pregnant + Rainbow Baby + Pandemic. A perfect recipe for fear and anxiety and even more perfect ingredients for God’s power and grace.
-My new eBook Through the Turbulence – Prayers from the Diary of a Broken Heart now available on Amazon.
-How God strengthens and molds us during our lowest moments, and the power of sharing your testimony after overcoming hard times to help others know God’s ability to heal.
-The second annual For the Moms Bold and Brave Series – powerful stories of Biblical Motherhood from women from around the world on the Marked Life Blog.


Episode Time Stamps:

The Return


The last episode for this podcast was in July of 2020. It has been a year since Hannah has stepped in front of the mic, talking, and sharing with her audience.

Why Hannah stopped making episodes


Hannah didn’t intend to stop making episodes, and it certainly wasn’t her intention to stop podcasting. But without any warning, when she recorded her last episode in July of 2020, she found out several weeks before that she was pregnant.


Hannah gave birth in February 2021 to a beautiful, almost 10-pound baby girl. She spent last year being pregnant and overcoming intense morning sickness, needing all of her energy and time to get through her pregnancy.

Certified #GirlMom and The Big Baby!


Hannah found out that her newborn baby girl was much bigger than she expected just days before her due date.

Challenges of the Rainbow Pregnancy


On Mother’s Day of 2019, Hannah had a 2nd-trimester pregnancy loss. So her newborn baby meant so much to her. She faced tremendous anxiety, along with the challenges of the pandemic. And having to experience that alone was very intense for her.


To experience pregnancy in such a fragile and delicate time in the world and her personal life was very intense for Hannah. It was very difficult for her to even think about podcasting. She focused all her little energy on taking care of herself and going through the obvious motions and emotions of pregnancy, all while being home with two little children in the process.

Through the Turbulence – Prayers from the Diary of a Broken Heart


During the pandemic, Hannah was able to muster up the strength and release her ebook Through the Turbulence. The ebook is available on Amazon. The full title is Through the Turbulence: Prayers from the Diary of a Broken Heart.

The Power and Necessity of Our Testimonies


People need to hear what we have gone through so that they can see God in their lives. And they can know that God is able, that God is faithful, not only to deliver us from those tough times but to mold and shape us in those tough times.

2nd Annual “For the Moms” – Bold & Brave


In May of 2021, Hannah launched the second annual “For the Moms – Bold and Brave” series.

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