We’re kicking off summer with the Best of the Best! Come with us down memory lane on the show!

During the months of July and August, we will be highlighting the most popular episodes before the kickoff to season 4 in September.

Today’s “Best of the Best” rerun is episode 003 “Laying Foundations: Understanding Who God Is”.

Hannah admonishes listeners to become students of the Word, become aware of God’s conditions for His people, and of the dangers that lurk when we are ignorant to who God is and what He says in His Word about our lives/circumstances.

One of the things that happens when we begin this journey of knowing God and his nature and who He is, is that we begin to understand the load we are intended to carry vs. the load meant for God to carry.

Sources referenced in this episode are from the following sites:




Additional resources and study on the nature and attributes of God can be found here:



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