Happy New Year my Dear Listeners!

Today’s Episode 21 serves one purpose and one purpose only: stirring the pot through questions.

We’re veering away from our usual format, as I use this entire episode to ask 79 questions power-packed for deep introspection and reflection.

Most of the questions I’ve researched and drawn from other sources, and some are personal questions that I have developed naturally in my own life over time.

Questions are an extraordinary way to gain insight and clarity on where you’ve been, who you are, and where you’re going. Is there really a better time of year to hone in on this?

More in this episode:

  • Learn the benefits of asking ourselves questions (i.e., accountability and clarity)
  • Questions on various topics including faith, family, friendship, and more
  • The risks of chronic goal setting
  • Exploring areas of weakness and triggers in our lives

You’ll definitely be needing a pen and paper to jot down answers to the questions that resonate with you.


I’m also pleased to share that I’ve set an objective outside of my familiar routine and here it is…

5 Episodes in 5 Days!

That’s right! You’ll have a WEEK FULL of episodes that will benefit you in gaining momentum and perspective.


Want your FREE copy of the questions already printed out for you? Get it now in the link below:

79 Power-Packed Questions to Set Your 2023 in Motion


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