In light of new beginnings, we’re kicking off with 47 power-packed questions to set your 2024 in motion. As we stand at the doorway of a new year, it’s time to reflect on the journey of the past year.

In this episode, Hannah guides you through deep, introspective questions that prompt reflection on the challenges faced, lessons learned, and the moments of grace that shaped your journey in 2023.

Each power-packed question is carefully crafted to stir your soul. These questions encourage you to examine your personal growth, your relationship with God, and your journey toward becoming the woman He designed you to be.

Even more, these questions provoke thought, inspire action, and position you for a year filled with growth, discipline, and alignment with God’s purpose for your life.

Need a great journal to log your answers? Check out the new “Marinate in the Wait” Signature Quote Journal from The MRKD Store here). Find a quiet space, and embark on this reflective journey with us.

The questions we explore today are not just prompts; they are invitations to step into a new year with clarity, purpose, and a deep connection with the Lord.

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Lastly…This week is the 5 in 5!

You get 5 episodes in 5 days (that’s every day this week!) that will spur you on, get you sober, and position your heart for 2024.


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