Get ready for an extraordinary journey into the heart of who you are, as we dive deep into unpacking identity in Episode 36 Pt. 2.

Are you feeling worn and directionless in your identity?

This raging war is a battle nestled deep within our inner man. The desire for identity is an innate and intrinsic desire given by God. The woman who is settled and secure in her identity realizes that she is an instrument in the hands of God and she is aware that her presence brings impact in the lives of others.

In this captivating episode, we are joined by an insightful and inspiring guest – Certified Life Coach, Dr. Hannah – who brings a fresh perspective on the multifaceted aspects of identity and the quest to find it.

Together, we unravel the intricacies of this deeply personal and soul-stirring subject and our own personal journeys.

In This episode:

– What drives us to the point of desperation to find our identity

– How scripture repeatedly unveils and affirms our identity

– Unpacking the toil in rediscovery and constantly trying to reinvent ourselves

– What the enemy knows about the transforming power of God’s presence and our authority when we know who we are in Christ

– Avoiding pitfalls and alternate influences as we move toward understanding our true identity

– How our early programming in childhood impacts us – The subconscious messaging that is consistently telling us how to be and who to be

– The unique and transformative gifting that comes with being a woman

– The difficulty in maintaining an image that isn’t yours

– The key times that identity wounds surface

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking clarity, healing, and a deeper connection with their true self and with God. It will leave you feeling liberated and kindled.

Tune into “Unpacking Identity” Part 1 here

About our Guest:

Dr. Hannah is a certified life coach and speaker who is passionate about seeing women thrive! Over the past few years she has made personal growth and development one of her priorities and has experienced clarity discovering her God-given identity. Dr. Hannah coaches the multifaceted woman who is ready for transformation, to discover her God given-identity, and establish life-giving patterns so they can confidently take God-ordained risks, unhindered by fear.

Connect Now with Dr. Hannah:

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