And by God’s grace, we are HERE!

The Podcast is turning 4 in October and season 4 has kicked off! It has been a slow and steady trek to get to this point, and I’m glad to be here. 

“The Great Emancipation” is a thought-provoking and fiery episode that delves into the reality of liberation and freedom. Hannah highlights the transformative power of freedom in Christ and how the enemy aims to darken our eyes to our freedom by magnifying what is being perceived with the eyes.

Life is loaded with pressuring demands and constant troubles. But, while we may be in the pit, the pit is not our home! You’ll have to be determined to fight your feelings with truth.

As women of God, we are reminded that we are free in Christ. This profound truth is not just a mere concept or idea, but rather, a life-changing reality that powerfully transforms every aspect of our existence.

Freedom is a state of being; a statement of truth and fact. That is to say, it must be realized in our minds and spirits long before it can be realized and seen in our day-to-day outcomes.

In episode 35, we cover the significance of our great emancipation, its implications for our lives, and fully embracing the freedom that Christ has graciously granted us. Join us as we unpack this profound and liberating truth and discover the abundant life that awaits us in Christ.

Dear sister, emancipation is your right and you are free from the control and authority of sin, and a painful past. What will you do with it?

In this Episode:

  • The two God-given visions that gave Hannah victory and new perspective in her identity in Christ and His plan
  • Yielding areas of brokenness to God for continued healing
  • Our great emancipation from the control and authority of sin and slimy emotions
  • What happens when we stay 1) faithful 2) obedient and 3) close
  • The two types of fuel that power us
  • Parting ways with doubt

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Romans 12:2

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