When was the last time you counted your trials as joy?

A life with Christ doesn’t mean a life void of troubles. We have to keep our aim in view, holding fast to what we have; our confession of faith, our righteousness, and being steadfast. The issues we encounter- though intense – are temporary. So, hold on and don’t lose your inheritance and who you were called to be!

It is so easy in a moment to feel the pull of wanting to tackle issues head on and fix things, prove your point, and defend your stance. In the midst of this, you can be swept up in anger, offense, confusion, entanglements, lusts, pursuits, and so much more. Especially when others don’t respond the way that you expected or hoped for, or even needed. The injustices of life can shake you and really pull you out of character. The natural exhaustion that comes from all of our toil can make it a task to remain in Godly character and in mindset.
It is critical to have an accurate depiction of what the life of the Believer will look like here on earth. Scripture forewarns of the many tribulations before entering the Kingdom of Heaven. However, blessed is the one who stays steadfast and remains. If they pass the test, they will receive the crown of life. 
Listen in to Episode 27 as Hannah goes deeper on this topic, what exactly we should be holding fast to, and how to keep our aim in view. 


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